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Founded by friends Dan and Suzy, Vox Veritatis Choir stands as a testament to the transformative power of the art of singing in the heart of Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood.

Our Vision: At Vox Veritatis, we envision building meaningful community through the art of singing. 

Our Mission: To provide a fulfilling, inclusive artistic experience for individuals in the Greater Cincinnati community through diverse programming and partnership. 

Our Ideals: At the core of Vox Veritatis are the guiding principles that shape our existence:

  • Accessibility: We believe that the joy of singing should be accessible to all. Vox Veritatis strives to provide a space for anyone to sing by hosting rehearsals in accessible locations, not requiring auditions or the ability to read music, and providing reasonable accommodations to any singer who needs them.

  • Diversity: We celebrate the richness of our community by embracing and showcasing a variety of musical traditions. Vox Veritatis' repertoire reflects the kaleidoscope of voices that make up the cultural fabric of Cincinnati and beyond.

  • Equity: Our commitment to equity drives us to create an environment where every member receives the support needed to thrive, ensuring that no one is left unheard or undervalued. This is why we have a sliding scale for participation dues while maintaining all benefits of membership to all singers. 

  • Inclusion: Vox Veritatis is a haven where every voice belongs. We actively seek to include diverse voices, fostering an atmosphere of openness and acceptance that resonates throughout our community.

Our Values:

  • Cultivate Community and Belonging: At Vox Veritatis, we are more than a choir; we are a community. Through shared experiences and a commitment to supporting one another, we cultivate a sense of belonging that extends beyond the rehearsal room.

  • Strive to Increase Accessibility: We continuously work to break down barriers to participation. One way we exhibit this is by providing childcare during rehearsals so parents can participate while knowing their child is safe and taken care of nearby.

  • Celebrate Diversity: Our strength lies in our diversity. Vox Veritatis takes pride in celebrating the racial, ethnic, and cultural tapestry of our community, reflected in our music and our relationships. This is why we specifically welcome neurodiverse individuals and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

  • Eliminate Financial Barriers: We believe that financial constraints should never hinder artistic expression. Vox Veritatis is committed to removing financial barriers through our sliding dues scale, allowing individuals from all walks of life to join our musical journey.

  • Exhibit Ethical Behavior and Transparency: Ethical conduct and transparency are the cornerstones of our organizational decision-making. Vox Veritatis is committed to upholding the highest standards, ensuring that every member feels informed and heard in our organization.

Together, let's create music that resonates far beyond the stage, forging connections that last a lifetime.

Heart of Northside

In The Heart of Northside

Our choir is based in the beautiful Heart of Northside (pictured above), a community center in Northside. In 1855, the North Presbyterian Church lovingly built and grew what is now Cincy Greens. After 166 of serving the community, North Church closed its doors only to be reopened by Florence Rothenberg, MD, in 2022. This church turned community center offers office space for small, local organizations like ours. They are invaluable partners to Vox Veritatis. 

Meet the Team

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